Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plan to tawan Broga Hill

ermmm... Broga Hill akan ku tawan pada sabtu tu depan.. ahaks..... tunggu... kikikiki...


[If you intererest to go thr broga Hill and 6:00 is the best of the time for viewing, Broga Hill is not tough to hike and it takes roughly 40 minutes to reach the first lookout point. There are about 3-4 of them, each with slightly different view and the further you go, the higher it is, you may be surprised with the amazing view, which looks as if you are quite high above sea level.

If you come from Petaling Jaya or Subang jaya then the best route and most memorable way to go there is through the SILK (SKVE) Highway through the LDP highway.]


sedikit pic2 & maps untuk pergi ke Borga Hill juga info mengenai Borga Hill


liyana said...

hehe x sbr kan..

cikin said...

hahhahaa... bila pn isteri menyatakan hasrat mau turut serta satu hari nnti utk menawan bukit ini, en suami pon bertanya

"larat ke nak daki..??"

hohoohoh..;P camna mau jawab itu soklan..:P

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